Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Unity 4.5 fix

Looks like there is a bug with unity 4.5 and include files a patch has been submitted.

To fix it yourself modify

VolumeLight.shader line 74

#include "/../VLightHelper.cginc"
#include "../VLightHelper.cginc"

VolumeLightPoint.shader line 56

#include "/../VLightHelperPoint.cginc"
#include "../VLightHelperPoint.cginc"

Sunday, 25 May 2014

V-Lights 24 Hour Sale

V-Lights is on sale for 24 hours today. If you have any problems integrating v-lights into your game please contact me at brianvlights at gmail dot com.

Upcoming features
- Android / iOS support
- Orthographic projected lights
- Raymarched voluemtric litghts.